Monday, January 28, 2013

#promptchall - kels with review; BODY/other

Hi everyone and here is kels last #promptchall post that she is entering into my blogger challenge. If you've been around for a while you will have seen that I have been running a blogger challenge where the 6 participants will submit 2 guest posts each on my blog and at the end of the competition, you guys will vote for a winner (i.e the best post)! I really wanted this challenge to end at the end of january butit looks like it may have to be extended - I will keep you informed! Please do continue to read, support and PLEASE leave comments to their posts; they're competing and would like to know if you enjoyed it so any kind words, I'm sure we would all appreciate it!

To find out more about the challenge if you are new to my blog, or to just refresh yourself about what it is about, please read my post here. That also has an updated list of all the posts which the lovely girls have submitted throughout this month.

Hi again! This is Kels and I blog over at Kelloves. My last #promptchall guest post entry was a skin care review on LUSH so please check it out here.
For my second #promptchall post I said I'd do a review of a body product. Though I am supposed to be using up the products I'm already part way through, I thought this would be a great excuse to open something I've had kicking round for a while: the Burts Bees Cranberry and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub and Body Butter. 

Obviously, I went for the scrub first. It came with a foil seal under the lid, and removing this was as satisfying as when you break the seal on a new jar of coffee to release the aroma. Except instead of coffee, this smells like jam. It looks like jam. Sweet and fruity and delicious.

As a scrub, it's great. I like my scrubs to be really 'scrubby', and this is full of is full of big gritty sugar crystals perfect for polishing away and rough or dry skin. This is an absolute joy to use, not only does it make my skin feel amazing after I've used it but it feels great while I'm using it. It's also chock-full of various oils which give your scrubbed skin a slightly oily finish - I like this though it may not be for everyone. The oils can also affect the bottom of your shower/bath too so do be careful! 

The body butter is lovely too - not as thick as the Body Shop body butters, but very creamy and moisturising. The smell wasn't as instantly appealing as either the scrub, or other butters and lotions I have used, but after a couple of goes I was in love with it! It leaves my skin feeling very soft without staying greasy or sticky, and this lasts for the full day. 

As well as being an awesome skincare double-whammy, (and don't they look like they'd go nicely together on a scone?) Burts Bees products are never tested on animals, don't contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals, and are kept as natural as possible (the scrub is 100% natural, the butter 99%), so your conscious can feel as good as your skin!

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