Thursday, January 17, 2013

#promptchall Kel - lush review!

Hi everyone <3 
I hope you've had a good week! 
I've been back at work this week and it has also been my first time working since my promotion so I have been really busy! I've hardly been online at all so I haven't been able to blog :( I know my last post was a guest post for my blogger challenge and this is also one of those too, but I promise I will be posting on saturday with a haul. In the mean time please check out some past posts of mine which would love more reads & comments! 10 great things from 2012, my favourite magazines, & my current skin care favourites!
Just hang on with me, because I want to make sure everyone's #promptchall posts are posted (& entered) into the competition so you also have time to read them and choose your favourites!
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Hi, I'm Kel, and and you can usually find me at where I ramble about bath products and cake amongst other things. I was delighted to have the chance to take part in Naomi's prompt challenge - I'm not usually the most organised of bloggers and though I always have ideas of things to write about I never know when or how to tackle them so the idea of having a 'prompt' to give me an area I should be working in  is brilliant for me! 
I opted to do a skincare review and this 'prompted' me to finally write about one of my favourite cleansers, Lush's 'Let The Good Times Roll'. I initially bought this a while before Christmas as part of their limited edition seasonal range, but as I didn't get a review up in a timely fashion I didn't think I was going to bother as I didn't want to rave about this for anyone interested in trying it to not be able to get hold of it 'til next winter. But good news! This was apparently so popular Lush have decided to make it a permanent addition! 

For once in Lush, I got more or less what I went in for - I usually get distracted by the pretty bath bombs but on this particular day I needed a cleanser and had been meaning to to try one of Lush's offering for a while. Two steps into the shop I was accosted by a friendly staff member, as happens in Lush, and she pointed me to this beauty. One sniff of it and I was sold! 

This is made with polenta, maize flour, cinnamon and popcorn - not all ingredients I'd expect to find in a cleanser - but all add up to one seriously delicious smelling pot of goo. Caramelly and buttery and cakey - yum! True to form, the very helpful shop assistant offered to give me a demonstration of how it worked and to my wonder after scrubbing this magic potion into the back of one of my hands it was obviously clearer and brighter than the other one. Which worked out well for me as I'd already fallen in love and would have bought it if it was useless....

If you've not tried one of these Lush cleansers before, it comes in a semi solid lump, something of a play-dough consistency. You pinch off a little lump and mix it with water to get the right texture to use as a cleanser. I find that just rubbing between wet hands is enough, rather than adding loads of extra water. 

'Let The Good Times Roll' is described as a 'cleanser' but to me that indicates something softer, creamier. This is quite a gritty little exfoliator! Still gentle enough to use every day, while being tough enough to make my skin feel like it'd had a good polishing. Though it might be a bit rough for those with very sensitive skin so do bear this in mind! 

As with a lot of Lush products, this is made fresh and has a best-before date, but mine was three or four months after purchase so plenty of time to get it all used up. It sells for £5.95 which I think is a great price considering just how lovely this is. 

 I love this product. I love how it makes my skin feel, look and smell, and I'm so glad I don't have to wait until next Christmas to re-stock!


  1. Oh. My. God. How have I never noticed this in Lush before?! I need this in my life. Sounds all kinds of amazing.

  2. I'm a devotee of UltraBland but I have to say, I'm tempted to give this a try next time I go to Lush. Looks and sounds fantastic!