Monday, January 28, 2013

REVIEW: Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask

Hi everyone <3

Today I am loving a brand new favourite product, I was going to wait much longer to review this but because I have experienced such positive results so far I thought why not! You may have seen this mask as it was featured in my last haul post, where I showed pictures of my origins package!

I got this mask from Origins 2 weeks ago after purchasing it online along with the Super Spot Remover. I've had problems with pores and blackheads for the longest time and if you've read my blog before you might have heard me talk about it! I've tried a lot of different skin care routines and products to try and minimize my pores but it just seems like they're too stubborn!

After researching online and reading lots of reviews on a range of different products that promise to help pores, I gave in and chose this Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask from Origins.

Origins say that this thick white china clay face mask contains active charcoal which extracts the dirt from pores. The first time I tried this, I actually felt the charcoal getting out the crap in my skin. I could feel something being lifted out, it's such a weird feeling, and afterwards when I washed it off, I felt like some of my blackheads had just been extracted!

You can feel this mask getting deep inside the pores. I highly recommend you follow the directions though and open your pores before using this mask with a hot cloth or steam; I've found the mask works wonders when doing this.

The mask is a cold, clay texture, very thick but it doesn't feel like you're being smothered with product. I've tried numerous amounts of masks before and I don't know if I'm just strange but a lot of time they make me feel claustrophobic! This on the other hand doesn't feel like that and although it's very thick it feels very natural and nice to have on the skin, so much that if it didn't dry I'd be happy to just rub this around on my face! Lol.

 I use this three times a week so far, two times out of those I only apply a thin layer over my problem areas (cheeks, nose and chin) and tend to leave the rest of my face. Then, once a week I apply a thick layer all over my face.

Instagram picture! :P

After leaving it until it dries, usually 2-3 minutes, it feels tight but not uncomfortable and certainly doesn't tug on the skin if you move your cheeks/mouth. You know that feeling sometimes with face masks where it feels like you might rip your skin if you move? This doesn't feel like that at all, and even before washing it off, my skin feels clean.

When it has dried, it leaves some parts of my skin looking really hairy! There's some crazy textures and lines; don't worry, it doesn't make you grow hair!!

After washing it off, I can really tell the difference due to how my skin feels. I feel like a layer of my dirty skin has been literally, lifted off, and I've got new skin. It feels clean (but not stripped clean), extremely soft, and very glowing! I didn't expect it to leave my skin looking glowing and younger; a bonus!

After only using this for two weeks, I have seen difference as well as felt the difference. This is a god send to me because finally, something is working and hopefully if I keep using this product then I will have my pores under control. My pores have not disappeared and I still have them and lots of them, but they have minimized; they're much tighter, smaller in appearance especially the next day after using this mask, and I believe that some of the pores on my cheeks are gone. I will continue to use this as I am really impressed already.

Another thing to mention quickly is that I would recommend anyone with dry/sensitive skin to use this mask. My skin seems to get irritated by just about everything, but this mask feels very natural and my skin seems happy after using instead of angry!

Let me know if you have ever used this mask, or if you recommend me anything to try from Origins! See what else I got from Origins here, and check out my last post where I reviewed Burt's Bees products. :)


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  1. This looks great!(:

  2. Oh wow I really want to try this! Great review Naomi!

    Amy x

  3. I really want to try this - it's on my wishlist for sure! :) x

    1. i hope you get to try it :] you might be able to get your hands on a sample somewhere! ebay maybe?

  4. i have a mask that it says that is for all skin types, but it makes my oily skin even oiler(!) do you suggest this mask for oily skin?

    1. if it is making your skin more oily, i wouldn't recommend you continue using it!

  5. Whoa. I put on waaaaaaay more mask than you do. Have I been putting on masks wrong my whole life?

  6. No, you're supposed to apply a thin layer evenly to the face (or area)

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