Monday, January 21, 2013

HAUL with OOTD's, birchbox january & more!

Hi everyone!! <3
I hope you're all staying warm in this cold weather! Is it snowing where you live?
I was really busy last week with work and I got really behind with all my online things and with the #promptchall I've also been a little behind... Last weekend I went shopping and can you believe that I'm only just posting this now??

A week ago I also ordered some origins products online, and yesterday while I was taking pictures for my haul post the post man came with the box and also birchbox! So I thought I would also include them in here :)

Let me know if you would like to see a review of the origins products I got. I think I have found a dupe for the spot blemish remover gel. Anyway! Here are some pictures of some clothes I got last weekend, I thought I'd try some of them on to see what they look like!

On wednesday, this is what I wore for casual drinks & food out with my boyfriend. I sort of went pattern crazy, but I really like it.

shorts - primark a longgg time ago!
cross print tights - primark
jumper - h&m
shirt - pull & bear

 Studded boots £10 sale from primark.

 This is really strange, I'm thinking of wearing it with black and white striped jeans.
Primark £6?

 Forever 21, £10 in the sale :)

Cross print high waisted jeans, found on sale in primark £8

Tights on sale £2 from forever21, a bow I got with the plaid shirt from pull & bear, and my boyfriends hat from pull & bear £7.

 Red shirt with tiny mini gold skulls! So cute! Primark £12?

Forever 21 sale £10. Love the colour <3

 Yay!! Deliveries!!

 I bought the charcoal mask and the super spot remover - the other 2 products were free! This made me so happy!

Inside my birchbox. To say this is the first birchbox since they took over joliebox, I'm a little on the fence about this. Would you like to see a review?

That's it! :) Please do check out all about my blogger challenge: #promptchall, and check up on the guest posts that have been posted recently as an entry into the challenge! The post directory with all the links is on the info page here.



  1. The pink blouse with the embellished collar is gorgeous and I love the studded boots from Primark! I'm not into those beauty boxes. I organise my own beauty box swaps with friends abroad. I've never seen someone 100% happy with their box and what's with putting tea in them? As a non tea or coffee drinker I'd be very disappointed if I received that.


    1. i know, i made a promise to myself that depending on january's boxes i would cancel my subscription, but now birchbox have bought out joliebox and this is the first birchbox, i might see what next months is and then decide =/ tbh, i was really disappointed with this because they should be making a good impression after taking over. and a teabag?? just, why??

  2. You got the same things as me in the birch box! I'm not 100% pleased with mine, it's a hit and miss I guess.
    I'm loving the jumper!

    1. yeah... i am just really disappointed with the tea and the tin wei? wel? sample, the full size is £74! why send me a sample of that, i would never buy it full price! -.-

  3. I got the same box (with different KMS and Teapigs variations) but I really like my box. Just wish the samples were a bit bigger I mean 4ml of cream...really?

    Ooh, I love your Origins order!

  4. I love the colour of your H&M jumper x

  5. I love love love the two tops from Forever 21! I wish there was one close to me (as i've heard their deliveries are rubbish :() I went to one in NYC and spent a fortune because I just LOVE their stuff. I love your all patterns outfit, wish I could pull off such a look!

    Amy x

    1. i've ordered online from forever 21 before because their online sales are amazing. i've bought over £80 of stuff from online sales before and had no problem with their delivery and everything was packed nicely. x

  6. Where did you buy your origins products from? I'm tempted to get a facemask of theirs, even more so if there are some free goodies to be had! you look gorgeous in the shorts with the crosses on them, you have such a lovely figure xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. online :] you get free shipping & 1 free gift if you spend over £30, but they sent me 1 free gift + a sample :D thank you <3

  7. Ooh, love this haul you got a load of great stuff from the sale!

  8. What is the dupe!?! For the origins spot remover?

  9. You are beautiful! I love your blog, and I need your help, want to buy at these stores but do not know my numeration and your body is like mine, I would like to know your numeration of pants and shorts. For me also to buy. ??