Sunday, August 19, 2012

two of my favourite collection 2000 polish

Hi everyone :] how are you on this fine sunday afternoon? I have a love/hate relationship with sundays. I either hate them or love them, usually depending on what I do for that day. I don't like relaxing on sundays, I prefer using the day if I have it free for going into the city, to a park, or looking around some of my favourite art galleries. This sunday, however, is a weird one. I have nothing to do until 8:30pm this evening when I have to go to my new job branch in south kensington for a team meeting; so I can meet all of them, as I am starting new week! How exciting!!! So to keep my nerves at bay all day I have been doing house work, laundry, and of course, catching up on blogs, emails, and walking around the garden. What beautiful weather we had this weekend.

 I think I will wear this later on. It's so cute!!!! I just took a quite picture for you all. ^.^

Now today I wanted to share my two favourite Collection 2000 nail polishes. I love their polishes quite a bit and they are very cheap, not always the best quality but at £1.50 - £2 a bottle a girl can't complain. I love their lasting colour range, and their hot looks range. One of my all time favourite nail polish colours is from their hot looks range and it is called "bongo beat" shade 37, along with one I keep repurchasing called "star dust" shade 17 of their lasting colour range. Now these polishes I have had for months, and I always repurchase both of them!

Now I really don't think any amount of photos at any high quality will show the shade and glow of bongo beat. To me, in pictures it always looks more blue, where as I think it is green-blue. In the light, it glistens turquoise which is just beautiful... green is my favourite colour, and I really love how this polish almost has two sides to it: a blue and a hidden shade of green which only pops out in certain lighting.
The silver polish is star dust from their lasting colour range. This is one of my favourite metallic glitter polishes & I love wearing this.

What are your favourite blue & green nail polishes?

I will leave you with this picture from my instagram and a close-up of the print and collar. This is one of my favourite dresses that I have which I wore this afternoon! I love the shape and the print <3

Enjoy the rest of your sunday my loves! Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts ^_^
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

things i love today

I aim to do these posts often, to show what I loved and what made me happy today :)

This photo shows two things that made me happy today <3
1. I went to the local library & picked up two books: the sealed letter by emma donoghue (i loved the room!) & ali smith - the first person and other stories. I love ali smith, she is one of my favourites <3

2. My Grazebox! Last week I signed up to receive a healthy graze snacking box, posted to me twice a week and I have been just really loving their snacks, getting home and having a box waiting for me really does make my day! I have loved all the snacks so far and I really recommend them. I have free voucher codes for 1 box if anyone is interested :)

3. My lunch. Me and my boyfriend went for a little food shop this afternoon for healthy and tasty snacks, and lunch for me. I had french baguette, salami, onion & garlic dip, humous, oat cakes, pickle and spinach! yum.

4. My outfit today. I love destroyed denim shorts and the ones Bershka have I love soo much! Here is my outfit from today...
both orange top & denim shorts from Bershka!

5. And last but not least, the summer weather! It was 25c here this afternoon and it was just bloody lovely. I am hoping it stays like this because I have my best friend from america coming to visit on tuesday!

Thanks for reading everyone :]
What did you love about today??