Monday, February 11, 2013

collective haul :] stationery, makeup & more

Hi everyone <3
If you've read my blog before you'll know that I am obsessed with collecting japanese stationery. I've been saving for a while and after getting paid I went into central this weekend to get some letter sets from my 2 favourite japanese toy/stationery shops :]
I also picked up some snacks, make up bits and some bargains from TKmaxx.
My camera died halfway through, so I took some pictures on my phone.

 These are bumper packs with 40 sheets and 20 envelopes, and for £4.80 I thought was very good!!

 I loveeee pocky.

 Cringe at these post cards, haha!

I promised myself I would wait until my Falsies mascara was completely finished before I bought the new rocket mascara to try. :]
I'm really excited about the dark spot treatment from Garnier, and I'm so happy I found the daily moisturizer by Organic rituals. I also can't wait to try out the cover & go due by Collection; there's a mirror and concealer in the lid!

I post pictures of my stationery on my instagram: naomijadex5. Follow me :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

instagram pictures & hiatus

Hi everyone :)
I'm on a little hiatus at the moment until I receive the last #promptchall posts and get the voting up. I also started a new project; a writing email group. I am really busy with work, I got promoted in January and I got offered a new job this month too, I've been working a lot! So I'm just going to focus on getting my #promptchall blogger challenge sorted and put the voting up, get my new writing group started, then I will be back to posting beauty/make up posts. :)

Please check out my last beauty post which was Origins mask review, and I'm still looking for members for my writing email group called treasury which you can find info for here. <3

Some of my hello kitty collection. :)

homemade pizza <3
Where I sit and have my lunch at work <3
New shoes for work at sothebys (auction house)

Thank you if you looked at these, and if you're still reading my blog even though I've been a little MIA. <3


Friday, February 8, 2013

my new project; writing email group!

I have been planning this for a while now and I'm so excited to start looking for people and to get the ball rolling! :)
I have created a new email group. It will be called treasury, and it will be writing/literature focused. I am looking for imaginative people, anyone who loves answering questions, writing prompts, and generally just talking!
It will be an RTA "reply to all" and we will be a group, emailing back and forward between clicking reply to all instead of reply, so it's like a big conversation.
Please, if you're interested, more information is below!

I know this is not beauty/fashion related, but I thought some of you might be interested :)

new writing RTA/email group. writing & daily prompts. questions, surveys & more.

about treasury

treasury aims to be a small, close knit email group for anyone interested in writing or answering prompts/questions. you don't have to be a writer or interested in being a writer. this RTA will be where you can answer daily writing prompts, write short stories, answer questions, send questions, answer surveys, and everything fun like that! :)

and of course, random conversation is encouraged!

there will also be character development. each month i will ask you to develop / imagine & come up with a new character. you won't have to role play as this character, you will just answer questions and tell us about that character, and there will be writing prompts about characters. the aim is that it will help your imagination, and if you stay in the RTA for 6 months, you will have thought up of 6 characters; that's pretty cool!


you're imaginative and descriptive. please do not reply to prompts with 1 word answers.
replying to all mail and try to participate in every thread / activity sent!
try and send your own questions / surveys to the RTA and converse with people.

if you are unactive, i will remove you from the RTA. do not lurk!

what email address do you want to be added on?:
how often are you online?:
why do you want to be in treasury?:

please send me this back to, thank you =)

examples of what you might see in treasury;
topic; "Dream" and tell us three wishes you have.

write about the last time you felt challenged.

Friday, February 1, 2013

#promptchall BECCA - january favourites

Hello again to Naomi's followers.
It's Becca here from Becca's Fashion and Life.If you didn't see my previous post as part of her Prompt Challenge ,click here! 

Anyway, today's post is going to be a January favourites post. I haven't bought many new products this months but I've rediscovered so many lovely things!

Wet 'n' Wild Walking On Eggshells Trio. 
First of all, you may be wondering how I got hold of this product, considering it's exclusive to the USA?! I actually received this is in a beauty swap, from the lovely Jess who writes the blog SimplyJess4U. 

This trio contains 3 beautiful eyeshadow shades - a cream, a peach and a chocolate brown. They look really pretty together , but they actually work really well separately. They are really pigmented and last really well on the eye without a primer. This is really inexpensive, it's such a shame this product isn't readily available in the UK!!

MAC Invincible Light Eyeshadow.
I received this eyeshadow for Christmas, and it was in fact my first MAC product. Aren't I such a bad beauty blogger. This is a marbled eyeshadow and has so many lovely shades within it, including white, lilac, copper and beige. Overall this shadow adds a shimmery wash of colour to the entire eye which looks pretty on it's own. But could also be used as part of a smoky eye.

 It lasts really well on the eye and doesn't budge at all throughout the day. I've used this shadow so much over the last month and I'm very impressed with it!

High Beam from Benefit.
If you've ever read my blog you'll know that I, quite frankly, adore High Beam! It's a gorgeous highlighter with multiple uses. I tend to apply this to my cheek and brow bones, to give my face a radiant glow. This is quite expensive at £18.50, but I think it's definitely worth it as I've used this pretty much every day since July. It lasts really well on the skin, and I find it really easy to apply, which is always a bonus!

MUA Lipstick in Shade 11
This is a warm deep pink toned lipstick. This lipstick is sheer, but can be layered to create a bolder lip colour. I'd say it lasts a good few hours on the lips without needing to be reapplied. Thisproduct  has a very subtle coconut/vanilla scent and costs only £1, which is an absolute bargain!! I'd say this lipstick is very moisturising and I've also worn this so much recently!

Posie Tint from Benefit.
This is yet another Benefit product I swear by. I've had this for months, and have used it so much within the last few months! It's a pink lip and cheek stain that lasts really well on the skin. I love wearing this on the apples of my cheeks, as it looks really subtle but pretty! I tend to apply this with my fingers which is great, especially if you'r on the go! It's also quite expensive but definitely worth it!

Thanks for reading this post! Let me know if you've tried any of these products and feel free to link me your January favourites posts!

#promptchall extension & FRIDAY FIVES! :]

Hi everyone!
No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth; haha, I've been so MIA on twitter & haven't been keeping up with my blog this week because I've been working doubles at work! It's friday and I am sooo tired now. I'm glad I have the evening off and all tomorrow! Today I'm going to quickly post a friday fives. I did "friday fives" when I first started my blog and loved doing it, but I haven't done it in a while! I've also been wanting to post more non-beauty and random posts on my blog so tell me what you think :)

Before I get into my friday fives, I just want to let you know that I have had to extend my #promptchall blogger challenge. Initially I wanted it to end January 31st, but I didn't get time to post the entries spread out enough on my blog, along with being so busy, before the 31st. Some of the participants posts still need to be posted, so I have to extend the contest. I'm going to be closing the contest on the 11th FEBRUARY. Voting will open on the 12th of february and will last a month (in order for the voting to get enough recognition!) I want to apologize for this extension and I hope you understand. Please in the mean time check out the post directory which is at the bottom of this post: here you can find all links to #promptchall blogger posts, please read, comment, give them support and keep your favourites in mind so you can vote for them when the challenge is over.

This week these 5 things have made me happy. <3

Penpal mail <3 I am getting more and more into stationery, penpalling and snail mail. I'm still looking for new penpals so let me know if you're interested. I'm making some great friends through this, and I really enjoy it. I love getting home to penpal mail <3

My bed... more than usual! Looking at this bed you would probably never believe that I'm 21 and it's also my boyfriends bed, lol. I have a problem with teddies okay!! I love them <3 I collect kawaii/japanese plush/teddies and disney :)

Alpen soya EVERYTHING, haha. My favourites have been the alpro soya yoghurts strawberry and banana, and the alpro soya chocolate milk drinks. I highly recommend them, they're so yummy and a pack of 3 is only £1.05 in tesco or sainsburys.

This is the view of London I get whilst I'm at my morning/day job. Last week I started working at an office in Bank, just serving lunch to 40 people; not glamorous, I know. The view of this all around me and the huge amounts of free food I get to take home makes it worth it.

I've been wearing Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift all week and now my scarf is covered in it, it smells delicious <3

What have you been loving this week? Check out my very first friday five post if you like here! My last post on my blog was a review on the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask by Origins, read here! :) Let me know if you liked this sort of post and what has made you happy this week.