Friday, February 1, 2013

#promptchall extension & FRIDAY FIVES! :]

Hi everyone!
No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth; haha, I've been so MIA on twitter & haven't been keeping up with my blog this week because I've been working doubles at work! It's friday and I am sooo tired now. I'm glad I have the evening off and all tomorrow! Today I'm going to quickly post a friday fives. I did "friday fives" when I first started my blog and loved doing it, but I haven't done it in a while! I've also been wanting to post more non-beauty and random posts on my blog so tell me what you think :)

Before I get into my friday fives, I just want to let you know that I have had to extend my #promptchall blogger challenge. Initially I wanted it to end January 31st, but I didn't get time to post the entries spread out enough on my blog, along with being so busy, before the 31st. Some of the participants posts still need to be posted, so I have to extend the contest. I'm going to be closing the contest on the 11th FEBRUARY. Voting will open on the 12th of february and will last a month (in order for the voting to get enough recognition!) I want to apologize for this extension and I hope you understand. Please in the mean time check out the post directory which is at the bottom of this post: here you can find all links to #promptchall blogger posts, please read, comment, give them support and keep your favourites in mind so you can vote for them when the challenge is over.

This week these 5 things have made me happy. <3

Penpal mail <3 I am getting more and more into stationery, penpalling and snail mail. I'm still looking for new penpals so let me know if you're interested. I'm making some great friends through this, and I really enjoy it. I love getting home to penpal mail <3

My bed... more than usual! Looking at this bed you would probably never believe that I'm 21 and it's also my boyfriends bed, lol. I have a problem with teddies okay!! I love them <3 I collect kawaii/japanese plush/teddies and disney :)

Alpen soya EVERYTHING, haha. My favourites have been the alpro soya yoghurts strawberry and banana, and the alpro soya chocolate milk drinks. I highly recommend them, they're so yummy and a pack of 3 is only £1.05 in tesco or sainsburys.

This is the view of London I get whilst I'm at my morning/day job. Last week I started working at an office in Bank, just serving lunch to 40 people; not glamorous, I know. The view of this all around me and the huge amounts of free food I get to take home makes it worth it.

I've been wearing Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift all week and now my scarf is covered in it, it smells delicious <3

What have you been loving this week? Check out my very first friday five post if you like here! My last post on my blog was a review on the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask by Origins, read here! :) Let me know if you liked this sort of post and what has made you happy this week.



  1. I love receiving penpal mail, or just mail in general (as long as it's not bills!). It definitely adds a bit of excitement to the day :)

    Wonderstruck is gorgeous! I love the charms that come with it, so pretty :)

    Laura x

  2. I love having penpals! I love getting snail mail. It feels so much more personal than email.


  3. I can't wait to have a free moment to write back to you, my head has been up my butt all week due to personal issues but I think as of today I'll be able to cope so much better (will write all about it in my next letter).

    Don't worry.. I'm 25 next Monday and I have a Disney obsession.. I'm desperate for an Alice & Peter Pan soft doll from the Disney Store.. I have a Cinderella purse I paid £46 to get shipped from the US.. I have so many Disney movies.. my daughter has so much Disney too and she's only one.. I used to be heavily into it as a child but I'm worse now I can buy things myself haha so a few soft toys on your bed is PERFECTLY acceptable ;)

    I really want to try the chocolate milk but I'm worried I won't like it then it'll stay in the cupboard unused :(

    Amy x

  4. hey naomi :D i hope you are ok and i hope you got my letter! :D petrova