Monday, January 7, 2013

#promptchall Louise - collective haul!

Hi everyone!
Below is another #promptchall guest post this time from Louise, her blog is Swirlicious beauty
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Enjoy the post below from the lovely Louise and leave her comments! 


A couple of weeks ago I was having my usual morning blog read when I noticed Naomi's Prompt Challenge. She wanted 5 bloggers to do two guest posts for her blog. The subject of the guest posts would be chosen from a list and then once all 5 bloggers posts had been put up readers would be able to vote for their favourite and then there would be a prize for the winner at the end. I thought this was a great challenge as it meant that all of the bloggers would get more exposure but also because I thought it would be fun to chose a topic and then figure out what I was going to do for it. So the topics I chose were a haul post and also a product comparison post. I chose the haul post as it meant I had an excuse to go shopping :) and the product comparison post because I hadn't done one before so thought it would be fun to try writing something new to me.

So this post is my first post, I hope you enjoy!!

Mixed Fashion & Beauty Haul

I didn't really do any Christmas sale shopping this year. I had decided that I didn't really have enough money, because no matter how much I try to budget as soon as I go shopping I end up spending all the money that I have. Instead I decided to just buy myself a new jumper and then a few beauty bits.

First off I brought this Green Studded Jumper for £8.00 and a pair of Cross Diamante Studded Earrings for £2.00 both from Primark. I really like this khaki green colour, green is usually a colour I'm not a massive fan of but I find this is a great winter colour that can be easily matched with other items. As for the earrings, as most people at the moment I am loving things with a cross design. I have a scarf with a cross print and also a few rings with crosses on so it made sense from to pick up these earrings when I saw them. They have diamantes all over them and sparkle really prettily when the light catches them, I also love them as they could be worn for almost all occasions. From this pic all of the beauty products I purchased from Superdrug. I picked up the Simple cleansing wipes as they were on a deal for £2.99, I always remove my makeup with wipes first and then cleanse my face. I picked up a Carmex Classic Moisturising lip balm for £1.95 as I have read so many reviews on how great this little tube is and I always have dry lips so thought it was worth a go. Finally I picked up an MUA clear mascara to use to keep my eyebrows in place for £1.00 and an MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in shade 7 also for £1.00. I am going to try and be a bit more experimental with my eyeshadow this year and thought this would make a nice start, as green is supposed to really suit dark eyes.

My next set of purchases are a bit of a mix. Again the beauty products are from Superdrug. I picked up the Maybelline Fit Me foundation for £7.99, I have wanted to try this for a while now so am looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I got two bottles of the Garnier Pure Active Spot Fighting Moisturiser. I love this cream and have previously done a review on it, these were in the sale half price at £1.04 so I grabbed the last two on the shelf ;o). Next I grabbed some Eylure Eyebrow Shapers for £2.59, I had actually been looking for the dye that they do but there wasn't any so grabbed these instead. I picked up a MUA lip liner in colour softly lined for £1.00, I have won two pink shaded lipsticks in a giveaway and needed to get a lip liner to match them. The fact that it was only £1 means I am not going to be too upset if the colours don't match. One of the things that I picked up that I am the most excited about was the MUA Nail Constellation Scorpio beads. I picked these up because I liked the colours and they matched the nail polish I was wearing at the time and then I noticed that it was the Scorpio one and I'm a Scorpio so that sealed the deal for me. Also they only cost £2 so a great bargain. I love the Ciate Caviar Manicure but they are pretty pricey so am hoping this will be a great dupe. As for skincare, I have decided that I want to start using a cream cleanser as well as my normal face wash in order to make sure I get all of my foundation off. Olay is such a well known brand so I decided to go for them and picked up the Olay Gentle Cleanser Conditioning Milk for £1.49, half the normal price. Finally from this pic are the two jewellery items, I have an Outfit store just around the corner from me and they always have a sale on on some of the jewellery in their. Now I mainly refuse to pay full price for this sort of thing as I think its way over priced but I always grab something in the sale. This time I got a studded and jewelled bracelet for £3.00 and a statement necklace for £5. I love them both and they can be mixed and matched with lots of other bits that I have already at home.

And last but certainly not least are these tip/knuckle rings from ASOS for £6.00. You get 5 in a pack, some smooth and some with a ribbed pattern engraved on them. I ordered a size S/M. On the ASOS website it shows as all 5 of these being tip rings but for me only 1 sits at the top of my finger. The rest are to large and I have to wear them as you would normal rings. Not that I am upset by this as I love them anyway!!

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Please keep an eye out for my product comparison post!!



  1. i could definitely see myself buying that top, i love the colour and i'm really into shoulder embellishments!! i would love to know what you thought of the fit foundation :)

    1. I love the shoulder embellishments too, gives that little extra to an otherwise really plain jumper :). Am thinking of doing my product comparison on the fit foundation and another one, what do you think? xx

  2. p.s going to find your review on the garnier spot moisturizer!

  3. I love this post Louise! I think those green shades will look utterly stunning with your skin tone :) my favourite item is the necklace, I love the shape :) x

    1. I cant wait to experiment with the eyeshadow, i was given a really nice golden bobbi brown shadow for Christmas and think they will go great together :) xx

  4. Ooooh, I love everything you've bought!

    Especially the Asos rings, such a lovely set!

    1. Thank you :). I love the rings cos they add a little glamour to any outfit xx

  5. Lovely haul Louise! I also bought that jumper from Primark but in a sort of blue/white speckle colour. It's so gorgeous and I love the studs on the shoulders! I didn't see the green one but will have a look out when I'm next in store. Such a bargain! xx

  6. Great haul! Lov those rings
    Follow me?
    -Jen <3