Wednesday, January 2, 2013

christmas gifts! :)

Hi everyone <333

I'm back in London now after my christmas break. If you didn't read my previous posts: I went home to Sheffield with my boyfriend to celebrate christmas with his family. Unfortunately because of things going on at home with my family they didn't celebrate this year, although my mum and nan still bought me some gifts, we didn't do the yearly dinner etc. But I still enjoyed myself and spent lots of time with ollie's family which was lovely. I got lots of gifts which I was not expecting at all - I thought because my mum and I were not celebrating with the family like usual she wasn't going to buy me anything (she'd even told me we were not doing presents this year!) but she surprised me. I even ended up leaving some gifts at home because I couldn't fit them in my bags to bring them back!! My boyfriend Ollie got me some LOVELY things which was a complete surprise; the end of the year is always really tight for us with money and we usually do gifts in January after pay day. We'd both agreed on this, but he still got me some gifts! I was so surprised and he said this isn't even the christmas presents we were supposed to be doing, we are still swapping gifts this month! Eeeeeee!

I have to apologize too, these photos are crap. There is literally NO light in this damn flat, the light outside is horrible and it might as well be the night time, it's already dark and gloomy here are 3:15pm in the afternoon!!! Not only that but our artificial lighting is rubbish, there is no good spot to take photos in this flat :( My camera is also on its last legs I think, I've had this nikon D40 SLR since I was 15! It's tired and I need to invest in a new one.

 Every year for birthdays and christmas my nan makes me beauty boxes. This year one of them she used a mini suitcase (above) how sweet is it? She picks out the contents of the boxes herself so it's like a big pick and mix for me. This year she knew I have been more into skin care than last year so there was less make up and more skin care than she usually gives me but I'm happy with that :) I got SO much stuff in these boxes!
The case above holds lots of different toners, cleansers, facial scrubs, dry shampoo, spot treatments, bath/shower gels, paracetamol/cold medicines, shower puff/cap and exfoliator gloves, etc etc! I would be here all night if I listed everything individual :P
The Hello Kitty figure is filled with shower gel, she's so cute!
And some lovely dove shower gels <3

 Some of the contents. 

 Most of these things are from the second beauty box my nan did for me. Filled with lots of mini shower cream/body cream sets, some make up (avon powder & 2 collection 2000 foundations), china doll tweezers, huge vaseline tin with 4 vaseline tins inside, shaver, vaseline body cream, nail drying spray and lots of other little goodies.
The Liz Earle cleanse and polish was from ollie. Classic <3
The mini Taylor Swift wonderstruck perfume was from my uncle :)

Burt's Bees head to toe kit from ollie (he knows I love Burt's bees!)
No7 hot cloth cleanser set from my nan.

 Mixed goodies! 
STITCH!! from Ollie <3 I collect disney store toys!
Stationery, fruit vibe nail polish & electronic tweezers from my mum.
Snow white figure from my baby brother!
Cup cake lip glosses from my mums boyfriend.
Mini hot water bottle from ollie's parents.
Reindeer pjs, chocolate & calendar from my nan.
And full size Taylor Swift perfume and Lady Gaga perfume from ollie! <3

Ted Baker make up set from my nan, in the bottom draw are some chocolate make up brushes :P 

 Contents of the box. Quite good, I think! Those plum & red coloured "lipstick pens" are basically balm stains. Those I am really excited to try out.


Christmas gift to myself which was waiting for me in the mail when we got back today :)

Please let me know if there is anything above you would like to see any reviews on! I think I'm going to do a review on the Ted Baker make up set, mostly because I've never tried their make up before so I really don't know what to expect, and as a lover of Revlons balm stains those dupes look pretty convincing. I've never tried the No7 hot cloth cleanser before as the Liz Earle has always been a classic favourite in my skin care routine, would you like to see a comparison review or something? I was also thinking of maybe doing a review on the whole collection of products I got in my beauty trunk suitcase called "skin therapy" & "skinology" which I believe is from Wilkinsons. It might be interesting to completely change my skin care routine and switch to using all of the products I got from this range to then do an in depth review of them. Some of their products I got for my birthday in the summer and I have to say I really enjoyed some of them and repurchased - I know this is a cheap brand so I would love to know what you think. I would love to know your thoughts; leave some comments below, I don't bite :)

I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to leave your links below of any christmas gift posts and hauls you may have done recently in your blog. Keep your eyes peeled for more #promptchall blogger challenge posts soon ;)

Thank you for reading <3,


  1. Looks like you got some wonderful things for Christmas!! I love the boxes that your Nan put together for you; so cute :)


    1. i did; and it was all a surprise!! which is the best thing :)
      the boxes are so sweet, you can do them for any theme... she makes one full of sweeties for my boyfriend every year. it's great because even if you're on a budget you can make something that someone will really enjoy :)

  2. I love burts bees, great gifts!
    Grace x

  3. such lovely gifts. I love that you got pro plus. lol. x