Thursday, November 1, 2012

October empties

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Here is my first empties post on this blog. aww :)

October empties!

1. LOreal lumi magique light infusing foundation. £10.99. I will definitely be repurchasing this foundation. I love the light texture and it gives a really lovely glow to the skin. I would say it gave me a light-medium coverage but it made me look so healthy and made a real difference to my skin that on the lazier days I really didn't need to apply any other foundation. It was my go-to foundation and I really enjoyed it!

2. Pure BB cream blemish balm in light. £1.99. I have repurchased 3 of these since using the first one very quickly. I did a mini-review of this in my post here, if you want to read. I love this BB cream and for only £1.99 you really can't go wrong. I prefer this to garnier and gosh bb creams I have tried before. It really treats my skin, works as a moisturizer and a primer too. The only negative is the small quantity of product!

3. Superdrug Salt spray. £2.49. This actually lasted me more than a month, I used it in September too. It was a product that I didn't really use that often, and only liked sometimes... I just felt like sometimes it did wonders for my hair and gave me lovely beachy waves and other times is just flattened the ends of my hair and it was too wet. I'm not sure why that was. But! The times it DID work, it made my hair so lovely. I am looking for another product similar to this that will give me beachy waves... what would you recommend? I won't be repurchasing this just because I didn't really like it that much and it wasn't reliable.

4. MAC Fix+. £7.50. I used this for nights out or if I was going somewhere for a long period of time where I wouldn't be able to check my make up or touch up, for example long shifts at work. For those times, yeah it did keep my make-up on, it is light and I think it is fantastic for £7.50. However I feel this is more of a summer product, I feel my make-up tends to stay on longer in the colder months and I also wear less make-up during the winter season. It's also annoying for me because I have to take off my glasses when I want to spray it on my face haha but that's my own fault for wearing glasses :P I will be repurchasing it next Spring.

5. Rimmel Scandal Eyes volume flash mascara. £6.99. Good mascara. I believe I got this because I was doing the 3-4-2 deal in Boots and needed a third product, and you can't go wrong with a mascara... I love them. This one did its job like I find most Rimmel mascaras do. The brush is a little too big for me, especially for my bottom lashes, but it doesn't go flaky or clumpy and it gives a nice application. What mascara should I buy next?

6. MAC Studio Fix powder in NC30. RRP £20.50, I got this from a market stall for £12. I don't really have much to say about this product. I prefer liquid foundations and my skin doesn't do well with powder but saying that I have repurchased this from markets 3 times now. I use it every now and again - they usually last me at least 4 months. It is long lasting, doesn't dry out my face, but I wouldn't say it is one of my favourite products.

7. Revlon new complexion compact foundation in new sand. £9.99. LOVE the texture of this foundation - it is very silky and moist, it is not a powder or a liquid foundation but a cream. I feel it moisturizes my skin as well as giving me great coverage and it is so easy to apply. It gives an even finish with a glow. I have repurchased this twice and I will be repurchasing it again. Also... I love the compact! It reminds me of a shell. :)

So, that's it! Most of these are actually some of my favourite products - that almost never happens with my empties. Please comment and let me know what you think and recommend me a new salt spray and mascara!
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  1. I love those big mascaras!!!

  2. I always seem to find salt sprays hit and miss!sometimes they have me great texture etc & other times they just make my hair sticky and look awful!x

  3. I really need to give that BB cream a whirl! And I've wanted to try Fix+ for a while now so I should get on that.

    The salt spray I use is the Umberto Giannini 'Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray' and I looove it, highly recommend it! Also, Boots are doing a 2 for £7.50 on Umberto Giannini products at the moment, so what better time to try? ;) I also really like the 'Backcomb In A Bottle' and 'Glam Hair Massive Mousse' in that range.

    As for mascaras, I bought the Bourjois Blackjack mascara on a whim last time I needed a new mascara and I turned out to love it! It has tiiiiny gold particles in it that you can't see once you put it on but it seems to (to me, at least) make your eyes really stand out.

    1. thanks ray <3
      yes, try the bb cream! i think they are going to be bringing out some more cosmetics soon too so we'll see about that... pure are a bit of a quiet one aren't they?

      i'm going to get on the umberto 2 for £7.50 deal! <3

    2. Very quiet indeed, I'd never even heard of them I don't think 'til you mentioned their BB Cream!

      I need to get back to boots for some UG action! I really want to try some stuff from the volumising range.

    3. really? they sell good face wipes. you can pick them up in poundland and £1 store :D

    4. p.s if you want to get volumising stuff, stay away from garnier. it doesn't work. well, for me anyway!

  4. Just followed you and added a GFC button now, thanks for your comment!

    Anna X

  5. I love the MAC Fix+ - it is a great product :)

  6. Thanks for your comment :)

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  7. I love empties posts.
    The GHD Salt Spray is amazing - it's pricey but I only need a tiny bit to get beach-y texture and it smells amazing. x

  8. I found you on the blog hop and I am your newest follower :)
    Follow each other? :)

  9. Aww gutted there's not a Savers near me because I love the sound of that BB Cream! I use the Garnier oil free one, it's alrite but not amazing.

    Thank you for your really lovely comment by the way :) xxx

    1. i can get you one of the bb creams! it's only £1.99 and totally worth it! i'll be going back to repurchase it soon anyway, i'll let you know when i get some more xx
      oh you're welcome. <3

  10. aww sounds lovely!! ;D

  11. Ooh, informative and a cool entry! Thank you darling :)


  12. the mac studio fix is a life saver!!


  13. Got to try Mac Studio Fix Powder, cute blog!
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