Wednesday, October 31, 2012

just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down :)

Here is an update about what I've been doing and my thoughts, worries, good and bad things that have happened in the past couple of months. I will also share some instagram pictures. Enjoy! Please comment, I reply to everyone, and don't forget to follow me! <3


Last month, I got a second job with lola. They're an events & promotional staffing agency, similar to Jam (I've worked with jam for around 2 months now). Just working with jam wasn't making ends meet & I need to earn back up my savings which i spent over the summer when i was between jobs. Lola have contracts to with lots of hotels in London so that Lola can provide staff at these hotels, at lower cost than they pay their employees... this means that although I get paid less than the hotel staff (& usually do more work) there is lots of work for me. I started working at st pancras hotel. It is beautiful! I do really long shifts there, and there's work available there every day if I need it... so I've been doing 10am-11pm or 12pm-1am shifts there. I'm not reception staff or house keeping, I work for the events and meetings and business conferences.
the hotel <3

It's boring work at st pancras. Really boring work. Sometimes I am just polishing hundreds of plates and glasses and settting 360 dinner tables and I will do that for 6 hours. But. It's work, and long hours equal money. I've also been working my usual fun events with Jam (weddings, canape receptions, parties etc) & a few with Lola.  Speaking of weddings, this one specific jewish wedding client really likes me, and i hate working for them. Typical, haha.
Lola have a lot of clients booked for permanent christmas runs, i am going to be working for 2 of them back to back working doubles most days starting 14th november - end of december. so it'll be doing 10-3:30 at one christmas event then 5-12am at the other christmas event. i've made sure i have some days off inbetween so that i can work for jam / or rest. :)

It is stressful working two jobs that are not reliable... like, it's my own responsibility to get myself jobs and work. It's my own responsibility to apply for them, and make my way there, and I don't know where I'll be working one day to the next. It's all very exciting and that's a part of why I love it so much but damn, sometimes I just wish I had a rota/schedule every week, lol. I've never been so organized because I have to make sure my schedule is all up to date, and I have all the uniform requirements for each job and that I know where I am going. Apart from st pancras hotel which obviously never moves, each job i work at is in a totally new place that I've usually never been to before, so getting there is usually stressful because London is big and stressful. If I work a double shift and the events are different, for example last week I did 7am-2pm at st pancras for Lola then I had a wedding 4pm-1:10am for Jam it can get hectic.

Ollie (my boyfriend) has started working at wetherspoons (pub/restaurant) and he's been working long hours. Yesterday he worked 12-1am (close). He's stopped going to his classes, like I thought he would. I don't want to bring the situation up because I know he's quit university, but, idk, I want to talk to him about it. Like, I have no idea how he's going to tell his parents. They're going to be mad.

Next weekend friday ollie's housemates he used to live with are having a late halloween party. The theme is USA. Me & ollie were up for going... I haven't hung out with any friends since summer, and of course he wants to see his old house mates. He's working until 10pm that friday & now we're kinda both not in the mood. I  know he's going to want to go after but I don't really care. I don't have anything to wear that is USA, and I'm suddenly not in the mood ://

Next saturday? we're going to ollie's grandparents house in farnham, surrey. Every time ollie's parents go down to visit (from Sheffield, where me and ollie are from) which is usually during half term or something, we go down there too so we get to see his grandparents and his parents. Unfortunately his brother won't be going because he's travelling in thailand right now... But we will see his parents and grandparents, and have the usually dinner party. Exciting.

I am so tired of people asking me why I'm only working for events and getting paid just over minimum wage when I graduated and have a degree. My nan keeps asking me "what do I tell people, my friends keep asking what you're doing now you've got a degree and what kind of job you have now?" "when are you going to be rich and have a career?" People at work "so you've graduated but you're here getting paid just over minimum wage?? riiiiiiight....."
I wish people would mind their own business. I don't want a "real" job yet. I don't know the reason why that is. Because i don't? Maybe after christmas, I will start applying for graduate schemes. I know what's out there, and there are tons of stuff for me to apply too, but i'm just not ready. Why don't people understand that? I feel like I'm constantly getting judged because I'm not in the process of trying to find a "real" job. I just want to do this for now is that not okay...

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  1. That's stupid that people keep asking you why you're not doing anything related to your degree yet. Do they not realize that loads of people can't even get a job related to their degree for quite some time afterwards anyway?!

    Do what you've gotta do. Sod 'em, I say!

  2. cool blog man!!


  3. I loved reading this. Very interesting. Firstly thanks for checking out my blog lovely. Also if stupid people ask you stupid questions just say 'you what?' no matter how many times they may ask haha Also all this will make your CV a book full of experience haha.


  4. Congrats on the job! Even if it is boring...just think of payday!

    Err hate when people are too busy, it's like go away and concentrate on your own life! Just do what makes YOU happy, life is too short to spend it trying to please others. Your career is personal to you, it's totally your choice. xxx

    1. thank you! i know - i hate it when people interfere :(

  5. OMGGG hello kitty pasta!!!

  6. Wow those are long hours! People can be such busybodies, as long as you're happy doing what you're doing that's fine! xx

  7. Hello Kitty pasta shapes!? uh-mazing.

    The Style Rawr!