Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i failed. but i'm starting again!

Hi everyone...

haha, I have been putting off writing this post for a while now. I had the most hectic summer, and even though I had been planning to start blogging for over a year... it was the worst possible time for me to have started it. I am usually so dedicated with everything I do, and I was really excited to start blogging and meet new friends, etc., but everything kind of just went tits up! I feel ridiculous, now, lol, like someone who started then gave up straight away. I didn't! Infact, my summer was so crazy and everything happened (bad and good...) that I've typed up a summer update with lots of pictures and things I got up to. Here are just some quick hints though:

- I graduated from university in July!
- My best friend from NJ, US came to stay with me in August for over a week. During this time, I met up with my other best friend from norway, and lots of close online friends (we're all in a close knit email group and have known each other for years <3) met up in London. Most of them I had never met before, we had an amazing day!
- Me and my boyfriend moved in together. Then, unexpectedly, 2 months later we had to move OUT of our houseshare into a studio flat within the space of a week.
- We went on holiday to Turkey for a week.
- I quit my casual job working in a restaurant, I had been there for over a year. It got too stressful and there was too much pressure on me from a family business.

So, yeah! From going on holiday to Turkey, to the middle of september, I was between my boyfriends house with his flatmates, we were trying to find a place to live, then we had to move out and into a new place, and it was just so hectic! We didn't have internet for over a month. So, I knew that I kind of just had to... give up with the whole blogging thing, and try again another time.

I always write way too much... I'm a chatterbox :X So, if you're actually still following me, and still want to be blogger-friends, that would be great <3 & I thank you so much if you're actually reading this! I have some great plans with my blog, I really want to make friends here :) I am going to change my banner (if you realized, I changed my blog name to naomijadex5, I need to change the banner now),  change the style of my blog, I have contest/giveaway ideas, I have a christmas giveaway coming up, I also have some great tags/blog activities I really want to get into it and post and tag you guys, but most of all I want to meet you! I want to read your blog, talk to you, and get to know you all :)

So, please, introduce yourself! I'm really friendly, and I knowww text posts can be boring and tedious but I promise I have a better more exciting post coming up soon :)

Thanks for reading <3

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