Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dr Jart BB cream vs. Pure BB cream review :)

Hi everyone! My week was crazy, how was yours?

I worked two jobs tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and yesterday I was finally off, but I was sick :( typical, right? I work today at plaisterers hall for a wedding 2-11, tomorrow 2pm-1am at The Roundhouse and tuesday - friday I'm back to double shifts again. I basically go to my first event, work that, and then dash off to my second event. It's really tiring and my days are long, I end up working 10/13 hours a day but I am hoping it all pays off when I get paid!

I was meant to post a review of Dr. Jart BB cream against my all time favourite Pure BB cream during the week but I was too busy so it is late. My favourite BB cream is only £1.99 and I found it on a whim whilst in savers! It's quickly become my favourite and you will have heard me rave about it through many posts here and here. I've tried other BB creams but I always go back to this one and at only £1.99, I keep stocking up, as the only bad thing about the product is that it doesn't seem to last long.

In my November glossybox I got a sample of the Dr. Jart BB cream. I was really excited because I had actually considered buying this the last time I went beauty shopping... I'm really into BB creams at the moment and the packaging looked gorgeous... I didn't end up buying it though.

From Boots, 30ml retails at £21.

Pure BB cream...

£1.99 from Savers.

Above is the Pure BB cream with Dr. Jart BB cream underneath.

So as you can see, the Pure BB cream is a darker shade than the Dr. Jart and it is still only in "light". The Pure BB cream definitely gives me more coverage than the Dr. Jart but it is not dark on the skin like a heavy foundation. Wearing just the Pure BB cream I feel confident enough to not apply any other foundation, because it evens out my skin tone like promised, and feels light and airy on the skin. If I am doing my full make up routine and add foundation, concealers, powders etc., then it acts as a primer and my make up stays on longer than it would if I didn't wear it.

When I wore the Dr Jart BB cream, my first impression was the texture. It is watery, thin and I couldn't rub it into my skin like a moisturizer even though it says that is a hydrating moisturizer, my skin didn't feel like it was being moisturized when I was applying this and instead it was just so sheen and light, it wouldn't soak into my skin and just sat on the surface which made my face look wet, greasy and it was very slippy - I couldn't apply any other make up before it had dried, and I was tempted to just take it off because it felt so wet, I didn't know if it would be able to hold my make up. It didn't cover my blemishes and uneven skin tone, I definitely wouldn't feel confident with just wearing the BB cream without anything else. I know this BB cream is not a foundation but it does say that it will cover my blemishes and uneven skin tone, and compared to other BB creams that is what I expected. 

As for long wear... well, my make up didn't last very long the day I wore the Dr. Jart BB cream. It didn't act as a primer (although it doesn't claim to be) and my make up looked very shiny and oily above it. I found when I applied my favourite foundation, Lumi Magique by Loreal, it was far too wet on top added with the BB cream, so I had to use Bourjois mineral matte foundation, Rimmel powder and Mac studio fix powder.

Compared to the Pure BB cream, I was disappointed but it may be a personal opinion. I am so used to my Pure BB cream and it works perfectly for me, it definitely gives me coverage whilst being incredibly moisturizing, my skin just loves it when I rub it in, and it doesn't break my out. It gives me a nice glow, it's silky but not shiny or wet at all, and it definitely acts as a primer with the rest of my make up - if I go a day without wearing it underneath, I can tell the difference.

I wouldn't purchase the Dr. Jart BB cream and I'm glad I didn't a few weeks ago. I even prefer the Maybelline dream fresh BB cream compared to this. I don't think I will be using it again even though it is just a sample. For me, there is no use for it... there's no point wearing it under my foundation because I can just use my Pure BB cream and I have to change my foundation routine because it is so wet and greasy. If I just want to wear something light and moisturizing, well I don't feel like this BB cream gives moisture or makes my skin look different. I may as well just apply a day moisturizer like usual.

I am disappointed with it because it does look so promising and it isn't the cheapest BB cream around so I expected more. Maybe I'm just addicted to the Pure BB cream, but I know that it ticks all the boxes for me, and if this Dr. Jart BB cream had been just as good if not better for the price of the product, I may have switched. This one just didn't live up to my expectations and I have no use for it in my make up routine.

What do you think? Have you tried the Dr. Jart BB cream? What BB cream do you use and what is your favourite one you've tried and tested?

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  1. I'd like to try these!
    Enter my 500followers giveaway :)

  2. I'm not really into BB creams at all, so never tried either of these! Amazing how a cheaper product can sometimes be the best one xx

  3. I love the Maybelline BB cream, it's really good at evening out my skin tone and is also really light! x

    1. so does the pure bb cream too and it's cheaper :)

  4. 17 do a good BB cream, though i usually only wear it as a base, great reviews and pictures :)

  5. I actually loved the Dr. Jart BB cream! I got it in one of my birchboxes and it's a lot better than most BB creams I've tried. I have the MAC BB cream and I just don't like it much :/ I like the Dr. Jart under my foundation, it makes my skin look really smooth.