Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HAUL! make up, hello kitty, lush, nivea

Hi everyone <3

So yesterday I went to Superdrug... I can not resist, haha. I needed to get some new face bits and I needed to repurchase the Loreal lumi magique foundation which you may have seen from my last October empties here. I decided to do the 3 for 2 offer, I'm so glad that this is across all cosmetics and brands now so that I'm not just limited to getting 3 products from the same brand.

Garnier soft essentials face wipes 2 for £3
Nivea regenerating night cream £3
Nivea daily essential refreshing toner £3
VO5 nourish me truly conditioner £1.70

When I got to the counter I realized that the face wipes were in rose scent. I didn't have time to go back and change them and I'm lazy so I just got them anyway but I hate rose scent :X oops. I'm really excited about the nivea night cream and hope it is really nice - I have always been a fan of nivea and they've got a lot of new goodies (I want the primer moisturizer!). I just picked up the conditioner as a basic, we always like to keep a normal/basic shampoo and conditioner in the shower alongside our "good stuff" :P

I'm really impressed with the packaging of this cream, it comes in a glass tub, which feels really high end and expensive when it was only £3. 

3 for 2 offer so I got the Maybelline colour tattoo for free. (RRP £4.99)
Maybelline gel eyeliner £7.99
Loreal lumi magique foundation £10.99 (my favourite)

 Picked this up from lush £5.25... my lips are chapped and I've been really stressed lately which means I've been biting them a lot so they need some treatment :( I've heard good things about this lip scrub and it smells delicious! I used it last night and had to resist eating it... :X

 Spotted a new stand in superdrug of hello kitty products. It seems to be a punk gal range, I don't like the packaging but I collect all things hello kitty (I have a collection!! :D) so my boyfriend got me these as a treat <3 It was 3 for 2 on these as well so I got the eyeshadows for free. I'm not sure if they'll be good or I will use them much but we'll see! The lipstick packaging is so cute I love the hello kitty head on the top. That's the shade of the lipstick - a nice nude. I might do a review on these.

Cute hello kitty lipstick!

So I got some lovely things and I'm a happy bunny! Let me know if you would like to see any reviews on these products... I am thinking of doing a big end of month review every month, with reviews on particular products I purchased over the month so if you want to see any of the above included comment below and I can add it to my list! I have some reviews coming up from my 10 for £10 challenge too!

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  1. Awh I LOVE Lush! Nice haul. I also use the VO5 shampoo and conditioners and the Lumi Magique foundation but I find it gets very greasy on my face even after I powder it up on top, have you noticed this? xo

    1. yeah i am a lush virgin! i mean, i like their stuff, but i prefer... natural/basic smelling things rather than soapy and smelling products. i know their products are really good for the skin and all that, but my skin is so sensitive so i just prefer to use basic products instead, like botanics, and simple.

      i've been using the lumi magique foundation for a while. i found that it was too greasy at first to use on top of a moisturizer or primer (i've been using the gosh primer for a while now) but since switching to a bb cream (i use the pure one) i don't find this problem much. my face isn't that greasy though.

  2. I used to love nivea but I've started to favour Garnier more these days and I have to use the rose scented stuff due to the fact I have sensitive skin but then again I like it!

    I NEED some of those Hello Kitty bits for my friends Christmas parcel, she'll LOVE them, thanks for sharing :)

    Amy x whatamydidnxt.blogspot.co.uk

    1. it's okay actually - the rose isn't that strong!
      go to superdrug now they have the 3 for 2 offer to get the hello kitty stuff, it's really worth it x

  3. The bubblegum scrub is bloody brilliant! The only downside is that I keep eating it as soon as I use it! xx

  4. Wow lovely haul, the Hello Kitty stuff looks really cute :) I recently picked up the Nivea primer and want to try their night creams now :)


    1. i'm really liking the night cream btw. what do you think of the primer?

  5. Great item choices, the lush lip scrub is good I tried it in the store. My lips felt pretty good.
    The hello kitty lipstick is cute btw =D

    1. i didn't know you could try those kind of things in store!

  6. I have the lip scrub :) It's amazing :)



  7. Lush! <3 I have one of the lip scrubs, the green one. I find it a bit harsh though :( I only use it once a week otherwise my lips feel sore.

    Those Hello Kitty things look so cute! I'd definitely like to see a review/swatches :)

  8. The hello kitty products are so so cute! x

  9. I have the bubblegum Lush lip scrub! I always have trouble not eating it :x