Monday, November 19, 2012

3 mini reviews + swatches (revlon, miss sporty, £1 cheek stain)

Hiiiiii :) So, if you read my 10 for £10 challenge post (you should!!!) then you will know that I was challenged by my boyfriend to find 10 make up/beauty products for £10. It was difficult - and very fun - and I picked up some bargains and products I would not usually buy. I was asked by some to review some of the cheap products I bought so two of them are below and I threw in a Revlon review too ;)

Revlon colourblast lipstick in Soft Rose - I picked this up from a discount make up stall (which I loveeeee) for £3. I was very happy because I do love Revlon lipsticks so what better to add another one to my collection... haha. What do you think? I just love the packaging of these lipsticks.

Miss Sporty metallic liquid eyeliner 79p from The British Heart Foundation charity shop.
I was skeptic about this. It's very thick in the tube and I really don't like the application so I didn't use the brush. But when it's on, it's actually quite nice and reminds me of Maybelline colour tattoos (specifically "Bad to the bronze").

£1 Cheek stain by "Chit Chat" from poundland.

So I'm not going to lie but I was scared of this product, lol. I have bad pores and milia on my cheeks so I am a bit apprehensive when it comes to blushes anyway. They also have a cheek "gloss" which is a thicker texture in a nude, which is a highlighter so I haven't tried that one and would probably prefer that. This is obviously copying Benefits cheek stain/tint line (Benetint, Cha cha tint) but I'm not convinced. I don't like how it literally looks like blood, and it is very very runny, so applying it on the face is like dressing up for Halloween. I was just put off by that. It doesn't smell very pleasant, but it does give a light glow to the cheeks and not as dark as I imagined compared to the colour of the liquid. It's very watery so that's probably why. It does the job, and it actually looks okay when blended in, but I don't want it on my cheeks... I felt uncomfortable and took it off after taking these pictures, lol. Maybe I'm just picky...

These are obviously not high end or popular products but I hoped you liked these reviews anyway. Please check out my last blog posts and follow me on GFC, that would be lovely :)



  1. I'd be like you, you're brave to put something on your face from a bargain store. I'd be so worried about having a reaction to it! The Revlon lipstick looks like a nice colour though xo

  2. that challenge looks so much fun!
    i may have to try it!
    then again my makeup box is overflowing i think i need to use up all my products and do an empties post

  3. I really like the Revlon lipstick, it's a really nice colour and looks really moisturising! x

  4. I have also tried that Chit Chat cheek tint and, while the colour and consistency in the bottle is almost identical to Benetint, it did let me down on application too. I find it kind of washes off my foundation!? Not exactly what you want from a cheek tint... The Revlon lippy looks gorgeous! Sadly I haven't found many discount make-up shops or stands in Bristol so I may have to stock up when I return to the Northeast next month!

  5. Nice bargains! I quite like the look of that Miss Sporty eyeliner, I will have a browse when I'm next in Boots :)

  6. I love the packaging of Revlon lipsticks too! That colour is really pretty.

    I considered trying that cheek tint quite some time ago but after trying the Benefit Posietint and being thoroughly underwhelmed by it I decided to give it a miss. I much prefer a powder or cream blush.

  7. Great challenge :) i love the lippy!! What a bargain!! I need to do some challenges :)

    A xxx

  8. You're gorgeous , chitchat looks laaavly xx