Saturday, November 3, 2012

HAUL and 10 products for £10 challenge!

I have a really exciting post! OMG <3 <3

Today I have off work, but my boyfriend Ollie is working :( this morning, I was wondering what I was going to do to keep busy all day, and wasn't looking forward to being alone in the house all day. Ollie suggested blogging. Of course, but what about? So he came up with this challenge...

10 products for £10 beauty challenge!

So, we went into hammersmith where he works, he gave me £10 and sent me off in the search to buy 10 beauty products for £10. The rules were simple, I have to buy 10 items, can spend no more than £10 on those items, and if I do, I have to give him the £10 back!

Did I do it? YES! It was really difficult, and some of the products I'm not sure will be usable, haha, but that's the fun of it! I can't wait to do reviews of these! Should I do a "10 for £10 review" and review all the products, or do you just want to see reviews on a few? Let me know!! I had so much fun doing it and I think you should do it too! (it's much more fun someone giving you the £10 than using your own money!!) Luckily, in Hammersmith, are a lot of charity shops, cheap stores like poundland, beauty base, "beauty on the broadway" market stand in the station, and Savers. I'm aware that you might not have these nearby to you so you can't purchase this products for the same amount of money, I'm sorry about that!

I know the disney tangle bubble bath is technically not beauty or make up but they had it in shampoo as well, I just chose the bubble bath instead! So cute!

1. Curly hair and 2. added volume mousse from Boots. 2 for £1.79.
3. Disney Tangle bubble bath from Savers. £1.
4. Huggies baby wipes. Superdrug. £1. I use baby wipes for removing make up, smudges, cleaning cosmetics cases/lids etc.,
5. Revlon nail varnish in Tuscan Sun. £1 from poundland.
6. Cheek tint by chit chat. £1 from poundland. (This looks... interesting...)
7. Juicy lipstick by chit chat in bronze. £1 from poundland.
8. Miss sporty liquid eye shadow. 79p from The British Heart Foundation charity shop.
9. NYC glossy lip balm in applelicious pink. 99p from The British Heart foundation charity shop!
10. NYC highlight and contour kit. 99p from The British Heart Foundation charity shop.
TOTAL £9.57

Amazing! I have to be honest, I totally would NOT have been able to do it without discovering that the british heart foundation charity shop had quite a big stand at the back of the store with bowls of mixed make up, miss sporty, NYC. Can you believe it that I got that amazing NYC glossy lip balm for 99p?!?! It has made my day. If you live close to Hammersmith, go!!!

So there is my challenge complete even under budget. Now I challenge you! :)
I will share with you the rest of my haul! It was such a good one, I got some real bargains.

HAUL!! :D Here's what I got which wasn't in the challenge... (from left). The juicy lipstick by chit chat from poundland looks like a dupe of just bitten kissable balm stain by Revlon :/
Glamour magazine for the free nails inc nail varnish! I chose it in black. £2
MUA Undressed eyeshadow palette (I've heard this is similar to naked palette). £4
MUA mega volume lash. £3
Revlon colour blast lipstick in soft rose. £3 from "beauty on the broadway" market stall, Hammersmith station! SO HAPPY!
Miss sporty metal flip nail polish. (chanel dupe much?) £1.99
Burt bee's lip balm. £3.69
2 Essie nail polish, one in status symbol (pink) one in cocktail bling (grey). £5 each from beauty on the broadway stall.
New plump it up volumiser mousse by VO5. £3
Blue knitted cardigan from charity shop (british heart foundation) £8
Jack Wills scarf! £5. Traid (thrift store).

 Are these not the cutest bullets you've ever seen??


 Thrifted! SO cute!!! <3

I'm a very happy lady. I absolutely LOVE the beauty on the broadway market stall... Essie for £5! Revlon colour burst lipstick for £3! I almost had a heart attack.

Thanks for reading. Please take a moment to comment, and please follow me! Let me know what you would like to see reviews on, and what products did you like the most?! Will you be doing the 10 for £10 challenge?!


  1. Hey! I tagged you in my Blogger Tag!

  2. Well done on the 10 for £10! I definitely think I would struggle with that!

    And thanks for posting about the Nails Inc freebies with Glamour, I looove Nails Inc polish. Is the black called Black Taxi or is it a different one? xox

    1. yep! i haven't used it yet but i hope it's nice!

  3. Well done! £10 for 10 items is brilliant. BHF are great for bargain make-up, some Cancer Researches have make up too :) I'll definitely be doing this on my payday!

    1. it's a good challenge! and i found bargains that i would probably not buy if i hadn't have done this challenge, too. :] i hope you do it and posts yours! you can do it for anything- not just make up :) if you have any charity shops near you that sell cheap cheap clothes, then you might be able to do it with clothes. the charity shops i went too were not THAT cheap so i wouldn't be able to do it even with £20 (the cardigan was £8 from BHF :/)

  4. A Jack Wills scarf? Blooming heck! I work in a charity shop and love it when things like that come in, needless to say that I snap them up quickly. I'm actually in love with your 10 items for £10 challenge and may have to take it up myself! xx

    1. i know! when i grabbed it and went to the till i thought they'd tell me they'd priced it wrong haha

  5. Looks like you got an awesome haul! Way to go!

  6. aww that's so lovely and amazing!! hehe great finds!

    also thank you so much for the shoutout, really appreciate it!!

  7. This challenge looks great and tempting. It seems you had a lot of fun doing it getting lots of bargains along the way. Have you been on They have so much good things and even Essie nail polishes at £1.99!!! check it out. And thanks for checking out my blog.
    I'm a new follower :)


    1. yep! i'm so glad my boyfriend came up with it! haha. i urge you to try it ;)
      i checked out that website! bookmarked it for future spends ;)

  8. great post!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!

  9. I have no followers. How sad :( just posted a haul and some pictures of fireworks I took at the weekend. Would really love to see some comments and followers :) xx

  10. A pound can stretch pretty far then! Look forward to seeing the reviews as some cheap make up is good, but others...not so much. I use a liquid eyeliner from superdrugs 2true (i think) collection and its only £1.99! x

    1. yep! you just have to search and go to places you'd normally not go. i still haven't tried most of the £1 things i got from primark. i am going to be doing a review on the cheek balm and others tomorrow or tuesday so i'll let you know!
      what do you think of the 2true liquid eyeliner?

  11. The 10 for £10 was an awesome challenge - you did well!! Not sure if I'd do so well!! I got the free Nails Inc polish with Glamour mag too, it's a really dark shade of navy and it looks gorgeous on!! I added gold polka dots to mine :) your Jack Wills scarf was an absolute bargain!! If you love Essie nail polish, I have seen sets of 3 for £9.99 in TK Maxx in 3 different cities lately :) x

    1. the jack wills scarf was definitely the biggest bargain! :D