Wednesday, November 14, 2012

skin care wishlist + fotd

My skin is getting me down. My summer glow has gone away, and I'm left with dull skin, massive pores, uneven skin tone, and I haven't changed my skin care routine or done anything different. During spring and summer, I don't even need to use that many products - my skin is always naturally glowing, dewy and my skin tone is so even. As soon as summer is over and the colder months come in, I'm doomed. Using my regular foundations, concealers, night creams, primers, BB creams, etc., etc., don't seem to be doing what they used too and I'm feeling insecure and self concious about my skin. Any advice would be GREAT, please, anything! For the time being, here is what I hope santa will bring me to (hopefully) help...

Benefit cosmetic

Clinique matte finish makeup
$51 -

Christian dior
$41 -

Laura mercier foundation
$52 -

NARS Cosmetics beauty product
$47 -

Estée Lauder beauty product
$75 -

And here's a quick picture of my eye make up today, using the new maybelline gel eyeliner I posted about yesterday, and the 24h colour tattoo.

There are 3 days left to enter my giveaway so please enter HERE, and take a peek at my last post HERE.

Thanks for reading <3


  1. look cute :D

  2. I don't know what you mean about your skin it looks great to me! You always look great in your photos!

    I'm getting The Porefessional for Christmas :) I hope it works!

    Amy x

    1. i have to take 100's of photos before even 1 of them look good :( but thanks!
      & me too, i think i NEED the porefessional tbh... my pores are getting out of control.

  3. I have the porefessional and think this product is great! you should get it.
    I'm running a giveaway on my blog you should check it out :)

    1. how long did it take to work?
      i will enter your giveaway :) please enter mine? :D

  4. That sounds exactly like my skin so thanks for some of these ideal products! Wouuld you be able to take a quick look at my blog?


  5. I really want to try the LM silk creme foundation too! The EL idealist is mazing - would definitely recommend!

    1. yeah, i've heard some good thinks about the foundation.
      what do you like most about the idealist by estee launder? what did it do for you?

  6. Great post & blog, your so pretty!x

  7. Lovely post! I really want to give the Laura Mercier foundation a try, I've heard such amazing things about it! <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. My skin is getting much worse too :( Still I think you look great!

  9. Great post! I'll definitely need to add these to my wishlist as well!

    New follower, follow back?