Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winter wishlist & 2 reviews :D

Hi everyone!! No, I didn't fall of the face of the earth. I'm so upset I didn't get chance to blog this week, this is the first in a week I've actually found the time to sit down on the computer. I've had such a busy week that I'm sick now. :[ I run myself down! This post is going to be a bit of a long one, with a mixture of 3 things: update on me/my week, nail varnish review AND mascara review. I would have ideally posted these throughout the week but didn't get the chance. I hope you enjoy it anyway <3

Here's some things I did this week...

  • On Monday, my boyfriend met me on oxford street after work so we could go to topman. He bought this coat which I love! We went for coffee at costa and walked around window shopping before having a few drinks in soho. :]
  • Monday-Friday I was working at a real estate office for Costar, they have released a new ipad app, so to celebrate all week they are having a reception and lunch so they can give away free ipads to their clients and partners, so I was working for the reception and lunch for those days, 11-4. On wednesday, I went straight to another job at Tate Modern after my 11-4 at Costar. I worked at the Tate until 12am... I was so tired this day, I think I had sat down a total of 2 hours all day :/
  • On thursday instead of working at Costar in the morning, I worked for a different client, same thing though, a business lunch in an office. After work I went to costa with a few work friends which was nice, and I tried a salt caramel skinny cappuccino, YUM!
  • After work on friday I went to meet my boyfriend at waterloo station and we caught the train to farnham, a town in surrey where his grandparents live. His parents are down from sheffield (our home!) visiting them so we headed down there too. We had dinner which was lovely, it was nice to see them all. I wish I had taken my SLR with me to take pictures of everyone, but I was so busy all week and went straight there from work.
  • On saturday we caught the train back to london, ollie went to work and I worked at 5:30. I worked at a hotel for a bar mitzvah. It was CRAZY! So many kids, oh my god.
  • I am having a lot of family troubles at the moment... it is really getting me down :( I wish I could just pop home to be with my family whenever I want, but I can't :(
  • I have been thinking a lot this week about applying for internships, careers, graduate schemes, etc. I think it's because I've been getting so much pressure from people asking me whether or not I'm applying for jobs now I graduated in June, it feels as if I should, just because I graduated? I don't even want too, I'm happy doing what i do now for the time being. I don't know why people think I should rush? :(
I am off work now until Wednesday. I am really happy about that because from wednesday onwards I am pretty much working non-stop, and working a lot of double shifts. I am working at a lot of christmas events throughout november and december, bloomsbury and tower of london, which are a lot of 10am-10pm shifts. I will definitely use these next few days off to relax and prepare for the very busy month ahead, I will be on the go constantly until christmas.

Winter wish list <3
I am looking out for the perfect coat, the coat I am wearing now is a long time favourite which is now falling apart, so I'm looking for something special to replace it. I love this one below but I'm not sure if it is quite big enough?

I am lovingggg knit jumpers and purples, pinks and burgundy colours.

autumn/winter wants

Miss selfridge
Crafted sports shirt
$56 -
$120 -
H m
$11 -
Chiffon skirt
$40 -
Bath body product
$48 -
Bumble and Bumble bumble
$96 -
MUA Glitter Nails Rose Dust at Superdrug
$3.18 -

Do you have any of these products or clothes? Do you like any of them, or anything similar?

MUA mega volume lash mascara review.

If you read my 10 for £10 challenge & haul here you will have seen my purchase of MUA mega volume lash mascara. This was only £3 and I am very picky about mascaras, but I have been using this all week and it has become my go-to mascara and I am just in love with it. My other favourites are falsies, scandal eyes and benefit "they're real!" but this week these were left at the bottom of my make-up draw and I forgot about them because I have been using MUA instead. I find it is perfect for casual wear and as I've been sooo busy with work this week, it's been perfect for me. It's so quick to apply and smooth on the eyelashes, it lasts a very long time... pretty much all day without flaking or rubbing off, it is not too heavy and dark so it works with a casual work day time look. It really wakes up my eye lashes and opens up my eyes, even when I don't bother with eyeshadows, eyeliners, curling my eyelashes because I don't have the time in the morning. I don't think I would recommend this for a night time/dramatic mascara look.

To show you what this mascara looks like on a bare eye with just one application, I took some pictures for you below. I have not concealed, curled my eyelashes, filled in my eyebrows, and I am wearing no eyeshadow. This is so you can see what the mascara looks like on a bare eye and face, to see the full effect alone.

 Price: £
Likes: Easy application, lovely colour of the tube!, nice brush, long lasting, natural looking
Dislikes: None!
Repurchase?: Definitely.
Recommend?: Definitely.

 Miss Sporty metal flip in "Fiery blaze" nail varnish review.
 I got this in my last haul, the link was posted above :) I haven't been able to try this out all week properly apart from a few nail swatches because I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish at work :'( sadly. However, now I'm off work for the next couple of days I was able to try it out properly. And omg, I have been really really excited about using this nail varnish. I found it by mistake as I was just browsing the make up stands in boots, and it caught my eye because the bottle looks kind of like Chanel "peridot". First off, I love the brush of this nail varnish. The texture of the polish is really smooth, not clumpy at all, and really does not feel or look like a cheap nail polish. This colour(s?!) are just amazing and change it every light, whenever I hold my nails in different lightings and look at my nails from a different angle, the colours look different. The colours remind me of the changing of fall leaves, so this is perfect for autumn/winter too :)

What do you think?! I think it's gorgeous and definitely a new favourite <33

That's it! Such a long post, I hope this isn't too over whelming. I am thinking of doing my giveaway soon and would love to know if you would be interested in winning any of the products I talk about (for example this nail polish!) so let me know :) Do you have any nail polish similar to this? What is your favourite nail polish this season so far?

I hope you're all well! Thanks to everyone who has followed me on twitter and GFC who I met from #bbtweets :)


  1. Love that nail varnish, beautiful color!

    1. it really is! it's become on my favourites :)

  2. That mascara looks great, shame I've never seen the MUA brand for sale in Ireland. Also the colour of that Miss Sporty polish is divine. I also love the purple and burgundy colours available in clothes and makeup this season xo

    Fiona @

    1. oh really? that sucks... they seem to be getting quite big though so hopefully they will be near you soon!!

  3. You have beautiful eyes :) moving on...

    I love that skirt from ARK, I might have to invest in it!

    Nice to see you back to blogging.

    Amy x

    1. i love ark!! i haven't seen one down here though? there's one back home in sheffield. i'll be there for christmas... so might have to pop in... :P

  4. I am definitely picking up the MUA mascara, it looks so good. I always bypass the MUA mascaras for some reason so I'm glad you've posted it about it! xx

    1. yeah i don't normally go for the cheaper mascaras purely because i'm so so so picky, but definitely give this a shot, it's lovely and not clumpy at all which i usually find with cheap mascaras. x

  5. You hvae pretty eyes!!

  6. I have never tried the nail polish brand - the colour looks great though :)
    I have that MUA mascara, I love it

  7. Your eyes are amazing! Also I love that nail polish! :)