Thursday, December 6, 2012

small products/samples reviews

Hi everyone <3
I am feeling a bit uninspired about my blog lately :[ I'm not sure what it is.

Here are some samples that I have been liking and disliking lately along with a sample size but real product, haha.

Some are old, new, from monthly beauty boxes, counters, or magazines.
I want to hear your feedback too! I don't ask you guys questions just to get my comment numbers up - I do want to hear what you thoughts are! Have you tried any of the samples below? If so, what did you think?

These are not all the samples I have liked/disliked in the past month or so, only a few! I love samples, though, and wanted to share. :)

I haven't tried the Jane Iredale glow time BB cream yet (the gold sachet), it came with november Joliebox. Have any of you tried it? I'm excited, but I'm so into using my Pure BB cream, I haven't thought to sample it yet! And once I open sachets, they don't keep, so I'm waiting until I definitely feel like trying it!

I'm a little on the fence about the balance Me face moisturizer. It's okay but I wasn't taken aback by it so I kind of forgot about it. I use the sample every now and again... I won't purchase it.

The Burberry perfume sample I got in novembers Glossybox. It's really not my kind of scent at all.

This wake me up Rimmel London shimmer touch in Radiant Rose looks like a sample size, but this is in fact the full size product. I bought this when I got a sample of the wake me up foundation (ask the Boots/Superdrug sales people for a sample, I always do!). If you haven't asked them before if you could take a sample home, do! They can be really helpful and surprisingly, the tubes can last a while, too. 
I tried a little of this in the shop when I was given a sample of wake me up, and I liked it so much I bought it. It's only £4.99. It's a great cheek tint and I think I'm going to repurchase it.

The Rimmel BB cream sachet was from a magazine, and the tube was from Boots. I wasn't sure if I liked it after just using the sachet so I got a bigger sample in the shops when I asked if I could take one home. I have only tried it a few times and compared to my regular BB cream (Pure) I haven't been using it, or liking it as much.

 This was a great sample, I loved this foundation, but it is similar to other foundations I own, so I'm not going to rush out and buy it but I might consider it when I want to find a new foundation next time.

I actually liked this primer, and was tempted to buy the product because it's only cheap, it's £3.99 in my Savers. It felt lovely on my skin, smells fresh, and kept my make up on (I had two of these with the last issue of Glamour) but my BB cream I use keeps my make up on too so maybe that's why this primer seemed to work, lol. I also don't have dry skin right now, especially not after using the Nivea night cream, so it didn't really have to hydrate any dry problem areas on my skin. I haven't tried the sample without using my BB cream, I should probably do that...
Anyway, I was going to buy this but last month I bought a Nivea toner and night cream. A little review is in my november favourites/empties here. I don't like either the toner or night cream, so it's put me off buying another Nivea product. :/ What do you think? Should I go ahead and buy the Nivea primer and give it a shot even though I didn't like the toner and night cream?

If you're interested, I also used Dr. Jart BB cream sample which I got in november Glossybox. I didn't like it, though, and my review is here.

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  1. it's a shame you didn't like the Burberry perfume. I love it and think the mini one is so cute. x

  2. Such a great idea! Might have to steal your idea, but a little different, is that ok?:) I'll give you credit and I won't do it without your permission x

  3. I've been looking to try the Nivea Primer - definitely will now you've given it a go.


    1. it's good! but considering my toner & night cream i got last month hasn't been great for me i'm a little put off buying another nivea product :/

  4. Ooh, I love looking at sample reviews, I'm forever hoarding samples so it's nice to see what everyone else is getting. I really wanted to try out the Max Factor foundation, but nowhere seemed to have samples left, so annoying! xx

    1. it's nice! i'm really picky with foundations too.

  5. To what you said about sample sachets never lasting once you've opened them - I got annoyed with this problem too but I found a solution! If you have an little empty sample pots lying around squeeze them into one so you can get more than one use out of the product. I have some little pots from when I got some samples from the Body Shop that are perfect for this :)

    I also had the Rimmel BB cream and Nivea primer samples but I didn't like either of them really :/ I loveloveLOVED the Burberry perfume though - but fragrances are a very personal thing.

    I've not tried the balance Me moisturiser, but I had a sample of an eye cream (not that impressed with) and a cleanser. The cleanser was AMAZING. I'm trying to use up my crappy Soap & Glory ones so I can justify repurchasing the full-size lol

    Oh, and I didn't realise Boots gave away samples of their "drugstore" make up brands? o.O

    Sorry I always write such essays on your comments :x

    1. maybe it's because i know a girl that works there? but i've asked them before, if you start chatting etc and ask them on advice/help they usually have some little samples and i always buy things before asking as well so it doesn't just look like i'm there to get a freebie!
      i really am not fussed by the rimmel BB cream, i prefer the pure one and it's cheaper too. everyone seems to love the burberry perfume, i feel left out! haha. i mean, i didn't think it was gross but just wasn't my thing.

      what soap & glory products do you use? love you xx

    2. I really want to try out this Pure BB cream! But my skin's been so randomly terrible over the last couple of weeks that I need a lot more coverage that I'd like. Though speaking of BB creams, I got sent a load of Dr.Jart samples in the post yesterday. No idea why but I'll give those a go :D

      I think the Burberry perfume is quite a "mature" scent? tbh it's not usually my sort of thing, but it works really nicely on my skin.

      OMG. I use SO much Soap & Glory stuff and not even because I love it anymore. I used to be obsessed with it so everyone would buy me the gift sets every Christmas and birthday and I'm now just trying to get through it all, I'm not a huge fan of the brand anymore though. Things I use that I like though are the shower gels, Hand Food hand cream, Heel Genius foot cream, The Breakfast Scrub and The Righteous Butter. x