Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prompt blogger challenge!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you had a great christmas; leave your christmas haul links below so I can see what you got!
I have been planning to set up a blogger challenge on my blog since I first started my blog and I've been jotting ideas down for a while. I thought that I would finally open the challenge and get started! I am really excited about this and hope you are too :) All the rules are listed below, if anything is unclear, just let me know!

Use this hashtag for discussing this challenge and sharing links to your posts!


Challenge closes on 11th JANUARY 2013.
The aim of this challenge is for bloggers to choose two prompt topics from the table below. You will then create a post of that topic subject and post it in your blog as well as a guest post on my blog. The aim is for you to come up with two posts relating to that subject topic and submit them before the end of the challenge.

When the challenge is over and everyone has submitted their posts, everyones posts will be voted on by readers. There will be one overall winner for the best post of the prompt blogger challenge and they will win a beauty box from me but all the participants will win a prize.

There are SIX places in this challenge and I am looking for 5 bloggers, you don't have to be a fashion or beauty blogger, you don't even have to have your own blog! Please before you choose your topics and apply below, make sure you have the best intention to carry out this challenge and submit both posts for your topics. It would be great if you would choose topics that are perhaps different to what you would usually blog about: this could encourage your blog readers to vote for your post as it is different to what they would usually read. This is a great opportunity for you to post 2 great blog posts on your blog for the challenge as well as participate to win a prize.

How do I submit my posts? You will submit them as a guest post on my blog, and you can also post them in your own blog if you have one.
Can I use old posts? No, the blog posts you submit have to be written for this challenge.
Who can participate? Anyone! You do not have to be a blogger at all.
How long will I have to submit two posts? You will have 30 days from the start date - which could be any time within a few days or a week depending on how fast the 5 places fill up. Please try and stagger your submission posts, if all 5 bloggers submit their posts all at once it can get overwhelming and confusing for the readers, and myself! :)
How can I promote my posts? I really want to win! Great! Remember this challenge isn't all about the prize; all the participants will get the prize! The best way for you to promote the blog posts you write for your post is to tell your followers and subscribers, tweet your blog posts on twitter and also use the hash tag created for this challenge: #promptchall. Your posts will only be voted on AFTER the challenge is finished.
How will I be voted on once the challenge is closed? Once the 30 days are over, the challenge will close. I will open a voting post on my blog where readers, my followers and yours, can vote on the best posts. The voting will be open for 3 weeks.
What is the prize? All participants will receive 1 skin care product, 1 make-up product (foundation, nail polish, eyeshadow, etc of my choice) and a thank you card. The winner will receive a beauty box created and put together by me and a congratulations card. I haven't chosen the prizes yet as I am still collecting them, but the box will be similar to my first giveaway beauty box.
I will be including: 2x nail polish, 1 mascara, 1 lip stick, 2 lip balms, 1 foundation, 1 eyeshadow palette, BB cream, 1 moisturizer, pack of make up remover wipes, 1 notepad, 1 magazine. Brands I will include will be some of those of my favourites including Origins, Revlon, Rimmel, Maybelline, PURE, Burts Bees and L'Occatine. I will be updating this post with pictures of the prizes in a few weeks. :)

The girls blogging for this challenge are:

Lauren at Peachycurves: Lip makeup product review & Make up tutorial 

Louise at Swirlicious Beauty: review & Collective haul

Here are some banners which you can use for your blog and in your posts if you are taking part:

This challenge sign-up is currently CLOSED with 6/6 participants. (29/12/12)
I hope you are excited about this as much as I am! I can't wait for people to enter this challenge so we can get started :) *I am running this challenge completely by myself and no one is sponsoring this or providing any of the prizes.


  1. This sounds really fun! I would love to nab lip makeup product reviews and maybe a make up tutorial? :)

    Lauren at
    laurensburgess(at) (obviously @ :))

    I'd really like to do this because I've not been blogging long and I would love to take part in something so innovative and exciting! I haven't seen a challenge like this before. The topics I've chosen aren't massively different to what I usually blog about but I have something exciting in mind which will hopefully win over the voters!

  2. Hiya! I'd LOVE to take part! And specifically do the OOTD and Decemeber Favourites posts!!

    My name's Becca and I write Becca's Fashion and Life

    I'd like to participate as I have lots of time to blog and I've never really got involved with this sort of challenge! At the moment my blog isn't very big and I'm hoping this challenge is a good way to start promoting it and the other guest bloggers!

  3. I would really love to do this challenge. Not just for the prize but because it would be my first challenge since starting my blog and think it will be really fun to do.

    I would love to do the Fashion/collective/beauty haul and the product comparison review.

    I really hope you pick me to do this :)

    My names Louise and my blog is SwirliciouBeauty (

    Twitter: @swirliciousb


  4. I'd love to be involved!
    I'm Kelly and my blog is , email is
    I'd be most interested in doing a skin care review and maybe the body/other review, though I'm open to changing if necessary!

    I love blogging but so far it's been mainly a solo hobby, would love to get involved in doing something with other people!

  5. This sounds fab, I would love to get involved! It sounds like so much fun, and a great way to get involved with the blogging community :) I've never done anything like this before but it looks great!

    I would love to do fashion favourites and skincare routine, please :)

    my blog is

    Love, Emily xx

  6. This sounds amazing! I love love love the idea of it. I would like to do the OOTD and Fashion faves as im a fashion blogger!

    I like the idea of this because Blogging and fashion are good hobbies of mine and would love to get involved in a challenge, I have never done a challenge like this before so it would be a good experience for me and my blog

    My blog is

    Love Grace xx