Monday, December 3, 2012

OOTD - studs, cute, & rabbits

Hiiii <3
I'm having a problem - I feel like my last post was so huge, I combined like a million reviews with an OOTD and loads of pictures, it's a bit overwhelming for people to read it. I only got 2 comments so I've come to the conclusion that I combined way too many things in one post and scared my readers away... ha :( and now I'm stuck on what to blog about :X I'm trying to get over that, and tell myself that it doesn't *matter* how big the post was, lol. Please read it and comment, it would mean the world to me! I blogged about my november favourites/not so favourites/empties.

I was asked by a couple of you to share more OOTD. (My last OOTD post was here). I'm no fashion queen or guru, and don't expect anyone to think I'm a trend setter or my outfits fit into the recent trends... sadly, I'm way far behind and have been living in work clothes for the past year, it seems, which has been black... black... and more black (and not the good black outfits, either). It makes me happy to think someone likes my day to day outfits, because they vary so much in style... some are cool/edgy... some are cute and probably years behind my age, but that's just how I am! Hope you like!

I won't be posting a beauty post for the next few days, especially after my mammoth of a post my last one was! So please check that one out if you don't like OOTD posts! :)

I'm also thinking of doing a few "highlights of my year" post, with pictures from my holidays, trips, including my favourite such as my trip to Venice with my boyfriend :) what would you guys think? Would you prefer to see more beauty posts, etc?

Casual drinks out, including cocktails and cinema outfit. :)
I don't know what to feel about this dress. I wore a black lace leotard underneath that has the sleeves because it just looks weird without it and the black lace in the waist is so see through, you could really see things I'm not too comfortable with showing :P Let me know what you think...
Dress by Ark, lace leotard from H&M. Butterfly belt thrifted.

Day out seeing exhibitions & lunch outfit.
This is my favourite jumper ever. And I love it with this bright skirt.
The top is an old favourite, just something very casual from bershka.
Jumper also from bershka, skirt from forever 21.

Running errands & pub lunch outfit.
Jeggings from primark, peach top from forever 21 and floral cardigan thrifted.

Sunday afternoon stroll in the park with my boyfriend including dog spotting ;)
When I said sometimes I definitely don't dress my age, this was an example. I love the crochet cardigan (thrifted) and this is an old dress, a favourite from TK MAXX a longgg time ago, it has tiny little rabbits all over it - SO CUTE! Wore with skin coloured tights and high knee socks. Perfect for lazy days where you wear minimal make up and aren't out to impress anyone.

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  1. I love the Cardigan with Spikes! <3

    Rebekah Esme


  2. I love the studded jumper. I almost bought that myself.

  3. I LOVE THE FIRST OUTFIT! What a great idea putting a lace leotard under your dress! I always struggle for ideas on what to put under a sleeveless dress (ESP now I hate my arms since having my daughter!)

    I also love that jumper! I look stupid in spikes

    Amy x

    1. i hate my arms too!! they've got huge from working as waiting staff and carrying plates & trays >-< i have like, macho arms :P