Sunday, December 30, 2012

10 great things from 2012

Hi <3

I thought I would share 10 things from my year that I really enjoyed doing as a little pick-me-up and what better way to end the year than reminiscing on the good times? :)

1. In February, me and my boyfriend went to Venice for a weekend break. It was amazing <3

2. In May was my university Summer Ball. This was going to be the last one because in June I was graduating!

3. Me and my boyfriend Ollie went to have photobooth pictures taken 4 years on from the ones taken on the right!

4. In June 2012, I graduated :)

5. In August, my best friend Karina and her boyfriend Luke came to stay with me and my boyfriend from America. On the 24th, we met up with some of our closest online friends, some of which we'd known for over 5 years.

6. Me, Karina, and Kat. They have been my best friends for over 6 years, Kat is from Norway and Karina from the US.

7. At the end of August, me and Ollie went on a summer holiday to Turkey <3 This is us on a pirate ship!

8. At the end of September, me and Ollie moved out of a shared house into our own studio flat. This is a very (crappy) picture of our kitchen haha.

9. In December I started a 3 week job at a christmas market which was at the Sky headquarters on their campus. I was working as a Barista and hadn't made coffee's since the year before and I really enjoyed it :)

10. I started my blog!

:) What did you enjoy from your year? Did you have a good 2012?
I hope you are all well! Do you have any new years plans? I am going to see some old friends which will be nice!

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  1. Such an interesting post, love it Naomi! :)

  2. Venice looks beautiful - I'm doing a tour of Italy next year and can't wait to see Venice.


    1. it's amazing, easily the best place i've been. i always dream about going back, as cliche as that sounds!

  3. My favourite post of yours so far, lovely :) I'm so jealous of your trips! I miss travelling :(

    Looks like you had a great 2012, all the best for 2013!

    Amy x

    1. thank you! & you! i would love to go to amsterdam, rome and paris this year. i've been to paris before but only for the day when i was at disneyland paris! x

  4. I love posts like this, it looks like a great 2012 x

    1. i'm glad you enjoyed it, i wasn't sure whether to post it or not! x

  5. Love you! You're my inspiration to start blogging (for real this time) <3 xx