Thursday, December 13, 2012

my life from instagram!

I love seeing these posts from other bloggers, so I thought I would share some of my instagram pictures with you to show what I've been doing and seeing :) I don't post too often on instagram because I only use it on my ipad, but follow me if you like! I love seeing peoples snaps on there. I'm @naomijadex5

My new ring which my boyfriend gave me the money to buy. It's going to be in my december favourites & I'm going to take some good photos of it because it's so, so pretty.

Cute hello kitty socks <3 I got them from H&M and they're in my last post here.

This made me chuckle.

Decorations in a pub me and my boyfriend went to in central london, on charring cross road last weekend :)

Last weekend, we went to the winter festival on London southbank. It was lovely and we had amazing food!

Me at the winter markets last weekend eating my Bratwurst & drinking my fruli <3 yum.

OOTD featuring one of my favourite shirts

I took my hair out of plaits and it was so crazy!

Breakfast <3 yum.

What pictures did you like? :) If you have posted something like this in your blog recently, share your link because I would love to see your pictures... <3

I'm looking for penpals! See my last penpal blog post:

Byeeee <3,


  1. I love the one "Less Winter, More Tropical" things like that make me chuckle too :)

    I also love the one of your hair after plaits, messy hair always looks nice in my opinion!

    Amy x

  2. Ah love these photos- I really want to get to a German Christmas market- love the bratwursts :)
    Daniella x

  3. That ring is awesome. Reminds me of the one in Natural Born Killers. Added you to twitter!

  4. Love these types of posts!


  5. Oh god, that breakfast picture has made me so hungry for eggs... </3

  6. hi Nai! I nominated you for a Liebster award! check it out at my blog :) <3