Thursday, December 13, 2012

penpals :]

Hi lovelies <3 This is a quick, short post that isn't beauty/fashion related.

I'm slowly but surely getting back into penpalling. I used to be very very into it when I was a teen - and now I have 2 penpals and I would love more :) I have some great ideas/themes for package swaps or seasonal swaps with penpals so if you're interested in that too - let me know! I am looking for long-term penpals, meaning someone who will be dedicated to replying and won't just send me 1 or two letters and never reply again. I am willing to write first; but it would be nice if someone also offered to write the first letter :)

I write with cute stationery & would also be interested in doing stationery swaps, even if it was just an envelope we swapped in our letters; anything. We don't HAVE to do swaps of course - good old letters are perfectly fine by me and don't be put off if you don't have the money to be doing swaps! We could even do simple swaps like including newspaper article or magazine page with our letter.

I am going to set a new year resolution as well; to make 10 penpal friends. I'm trying to keep this sort and sweet... if you would like to be penpals, either leave your email address and I will email you and ask you for your address, or just let me know in a comment below if you'd like to write first, or if you want me to write first; and I'm sure we'll figure something out :)

You can also use this to look for other penpals too who might be reading this and commenting. Just fill the little form out below along with your comment for me!;

International post ok?;
Swaps ok or just letters?;
3 likes, 3 dislikes, 2 hobbies:
3 facts about you;
Your blog;

Just in case someone doesn't know already; I live in the UK, in London. But I am willing to post internationally =) Please share this post on your blog or to anyone who is looking to penpal. Check out this blog; & I hope this post finds you a penpal, even if it isn't me!

I'll be blogging normally soon! Have a good weekend. Check out my post recent posts please :)

Take care,


  1. hiya, I'd love to write to you! Sophie, 27, Norfolk UK. My email is and I don't mind who writes first :)

  2. Hi Nai! It is Staci.. wondering if you would like to be penpals even though we are already friends?? Lol :) love your blog!

  3. I wonder if you would like to be penpal.
    Dani. 26. Miami, FL.
    International post.
    Just letters.
    3 likes, 3 dislikes, 2 hobbies:
    1. Red Velvet cupcake
    2. H&M
    3. Wifi
    1. Compition Talent shows.
    2. Traffic
    3. M.I.A
    1. Painting
    2. Tumblring
    3 facts about you: British/Arabic/Indian culture
    2.I can chrip like a bird
    3.I have a fear of flying
    Your blog;

  4. Love to be your penpal..

    Name Pearl /age 26 /location India;
    International post - yeah ;
    Swaps ok ;
    3 likes: Nail art,Blogging,Music
    3 dislikes: Lies, Bitching,dirty dishes ;),
    2 hobbies: Painting, Blogging
    3 facts about you; Born in India, Studied in USA.
    Freelance makeup artist
    Love Winters :)
    Your blog;